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24.1 x 19.7 x 29.8 cm

Is a whimsical interpretation of  three  muses  in  various  acts  of  creative endeavor. The figures emerge from a spring of silver  and  stand  on  bodies  made   of   polished   shell.  Arden  captures  the  many  innate  and  artistic facets of the Filipina. Here, he shows her native  skill  doing   handiworks  of  great    beauty,    her   aptitude  to  create  music  that  resonates   with    the   romanticism  of  her  heart,  and  her  connection  with the beauty around her.


18.4 x 11.1 x 24.8 cm

Describes   the   Filipina’s   kind-hearted   spirit.   Her    kindness   knows   no  bounds and her  well  of  affection  is  limitless. It captures  her  giving  heart, her empathy for those in need,  and  her  willingness  to  open  her  resources  to  be  of  assistance  and source of comfort.    Arden’s   interprets   the   bounty  of   her  spirit  through  a  vessel  made  from  polished  Nautilus.  It  is  cradled  by a silver sculpture, modernistic in style, to  represent  the  giving  nature of the Filipina.


21.1 x 15.2 x 33.3 cm

Represented    by    a    silver-plated    figure,    done   in   expressionist   style,  climbing  a forbidding   knoll. The  mound  is  a  combination  of  silver-plated  metal   and  ominous-looking  Frog  Shell.  This  work  of  art  mirrors  the Filipina’s bold spirit as she overcomes obstacles  and  challenges   with   a   sense  of  purpose,  a  stoutness  of  heart,  and  the willingness  to  face  the odds.


17.8 x 12.1 x 31 cm

"That   the   Filipina   holds   immeasurable   power   can  never  be   doubted. Philippine history  has  seen  the  rise  of  feminine  figures  who   rose   to   fame   and prominence because of their singular  ability  to  hold  sway  over  the nation, their uncanny ability to motivate and inspire, their determination to change  the  course  of  a  country’s  history.

Arden’s “Power” embodies all that is spellbinding  and  astounding  about the Filipina. It
is  the  artist’s  evocative  vision  of  the  Filipina  as  goddess. Here,  he  creates  a  silver divinity with mother-of-pearl  wings,  emerging dramatically from her own shell to  cast her brand of potency."


23.8 x 12.1 x 26.7 cm

Represents    the    Filipina’s    natural   ability  to  take   the   reins   and   take   charge    in accomplishing  daunting  tasks.  Her willingness to take on the  tasks  of  nation-building, corporate  and  industry  management,  and  community development  has  made  her a sterling  symbol  of  authority  worthy  of respect and  admiration.  This   interpretation  of is  a  work  composed  of three  feminine  figures  with  shell  legs  standing  firmly  on   a ground  made of silver. It shows the Filipina’s determined quality to forge  ahead  despite the odds.


18.1 x 10.8 x 24.4 cm

Despite  her  courage  the  Filipina is also a figure of tenderness.  Perhaps,  this   touching quality   is   most   conspicuous  in  the  way  she  cares  for   and  rears her  offspring. She provides her young with sustenance to ensure  its healthy and prolonged life.  She  gives them with a sense of  security  with her  gentle  and  loving  embrace.  She enriches their spirits with soothing songs,  and  she  will  defend  them, in need   be,  with  her  own  life. Arden’s   two  elegant   versions   of   “Nurturing”   are  an   expressive   interpretation    of motherhood.   For   this,   Arden   fashions   the   shell   as   a   woman’s    womb,  lovingly cradling life before it sees the light of day.


13.5 x 13.5 x 24.8 cm

The Filipina’s piety and devotion to God are celebrated. It is, after all,  from  her  prayerful character  that  she  gathers  the  strength  to   see  through  all her trials and tribulations. The Filipina’s connection with  divine  forces  has  been  long-standing. In times past, she was a high-priestess, the babaylan through whom godly   messages   were   passed   on. She   was   the   village  tuos  who  passed  on the oral traditions and incantations  of  her forebears to  the  next  generation.  She  was  the  Catholic  mangdadasal  who  tirelessly recites the oracion for the physical and spiritual  healing of her family and  community. In Arden’s “Prayerful” we see the Filipina in  silent  prayer,  her arms clasped to worship, and her hair flowing freely  into  the  shell’s own fluid curvature.